Bioarchitecture is a school of thought that developed lifestyles to which we must all aim for a good living. We build our kitchens without using chipboard allowing us to guarantee zero formaldehyde emissions in your home.

From time employ coatings that use pigments of natural origin with solvents to water and each surface is finished with the application of natural waxes, this is to eliminate any type of aromatic substance, harmful in any type of environment with negative consequences for health. Also important are the technical components that every kitchen is equipped, adjustable hinges and opening up to 180 °, the attacks for hanging tested to withstand the heaviest weights, systems of opening drawers and baskets tested, allow us to ensure the maximum reliability in terms of safety in the use of each of our products, including work performed on the top and on protruding parts that are hand-finished and rounded to prevent any possible damage resulting from accidental impact

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