Is an important concept that sums up our commitment. Biocompatibility means making products where both inherent ethical commitment that points to realize a production with low environmental impact right from the design stage and production. Every component we use is strictly selected, the wood does not come from the primary forest, the blockboard and plywood are all E1, use bonding systems where nothing is any formaldehyde emission, also in the paint we use natural pigments, solvents water-based and special protective wax.
Increased awareness productive approach that determines a better quality of life.


Right from the design phase we should include that the life of each product will not be eternal. For this reason we have always preferred not to interface with the variety of materials offered by the component market preferring only few but good raw materials, which once finished their natural cycle could be separated without problems and be restarted to reuse. Wood, stone, metal, noble materials fully recyclable for a sustainable development


Each product D’Angeli is born and made with the intent to last. The current design,  free from any emotional involvement dictated by trends, helps to determine the long life in terms of aesthetic and quality of our products, that results in a lower amount of energy required for new projects and for the disposal of the old product.


All timbers we use come from European and American forests specially created, where are implemented forestry protocols. The protocols provide that for every cut trunk are planted 10 trees of the same species and the cut is made in close contact and cooperation with environmental groups


We respect the standards of green building in respect of the health of those who work and those who use our creations. Our furniture, our kitchens are all built without the use of particle board and this allows you to avoid formaldehyde emissions harmful to health, we also introduced a long-cycle water-based coating that eliminates the aromatic components, avoiding all those new substances volatile domestic polluters

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