Your figure as a model for your needs on which to think, plan, build your kitchen, your environment, this is what the company aims to offer D’angels. Environments and flexible designs, studied by applying the laws of ergonomics, or how to better interact with our mobile kitchen. The kitchen is around you and your needs. In a flexible project, the foundation will raise, lower, approaching the elements nourish your body creating movements more fluid and natural.
• Height of the plans.
Agreed with the project which will be the height of the plans of the kitchen is important to avoid that with the passing of time incorrect positions taken, may affect up to impair proper posture ..
D’Angeli allows you to change the height of the bases, the height of the base and the height of the plans.
• Depth of the bases and height of the wall units.
Provide for the possibility of working on plans kitchen with greater depths of 60 cm canon is interesting because it allows a greater range of the work plan more visibility on it and any hanging insistent
• The basics steered.
Swerving bases optimizes the living space around. The space focuses on the individual who receives the project allowing you to have everything you need in a few meters available.
• Items suspended and lowered
It is a type of furniture in the kitchen very useful as in the case of environments for the disabled. The company D’Angeli cares to facilitate access to the elements of kitchen accessories for inserting a wall unit to allow the approach to objects, also by relaxing the bases and fixing them in suspension allows power access even with a chair

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