Each product of D’Angeli is manufactured by using authentic materials, precious, true, processed according to cabinet-making techniques.
Authentic is the wood, marble, stone, granite, metals, leather, fabrics, used to make unique creations.

The types of floors that can be combined are varied.
For each type of material used for making the support surface corresponds to a specific aesthetic reference and a relative mechanical functionality.
• Marble and granite tops
The rare natural beauty of marble lends itself to any type of work and can be combined in any type of furniture. We are able to work plans and backs even with machining “gap”.
On the marble slab or tile can make a glossy production for elegant and essential, a matte processing environments for traditional workmanship blasted for more rustic settings or distinctive characteristic of a stronger personality.
The granite for its characteristic is particularly appreciated in the quality of impact-resistant material, has no special advantages from the point of view of style and usually is proposed in glossy production
• Floor tiled
Porcelain and ceramics are chosen for the color that give the plans in addition to the characteristic impact resistance of porcelain stoneware. The marble tiles are chosen for the particular emotional charge that transmit
• Antique steel top, colored, or worked like pewter or argentone
The steel in antique finish or in others finitures, has long been an element that characterizes our kitchens. Working on plans “living” that is conferred by several stages of processing steel makes it particularly suitable in the approach both with kitchens clear address of country style but also to taste contemporary classic. Plans antiqued steel can be welded sinks also professional and cooktops.
• Pewter top
Pewter is an alloy noble is soft and almost warm to the touch.
Similar in appearance to silver makes it particularly valuable any environment where it is placed. We realize essential plans, manually hammered edge or with rounded frame thick. A feature of the plans with pewter frame is that the welding done exclusively by hand is highlighted by creasing in sight, with this system can be welded steel sinks of any size and dimension.
• Grit top
The grit is a composite of cement with the addition of grits and colored powders. Several are the color tones of deals and the type of edges workable, can be realized plans grit battistraccio with or without and with built-in sink.
• cocciopesto top
The earthenware is obtained from the crushing of bricks, selected in various particle sizes and tied with lime or natural hydraulic lime and sand, can be colored paste and its technical characteristics of water permeability make it suitable for use in the kitchen, suitable for the recovery of the housing and town and of course can be used in biocompatible solutions.
• Floor mosaic
The floor mosaic is made by cutting out from a sheet of marble with a thickness of one centimeter of the nuts of the size of one square centimeter, thus achieving a perfect cube. All tiles in marble, cut and assembled by hand on the floor, are interspersed with double-weave Murano glass with gold or silver leaf.
• Top in wood material
The massive wood top is made using solid thick wood planks. The tables properly put together, but not calibrated, and give life to emotional and uniquely tops, which is the very nature to determine the contours and limits of the shapes of the plan.

A kitchen that recalls the deeper tradition must be built with authentic and real materials.
For this reason the furniture is built using real wood in the body, in the doors, in the sides of the drawers and baskets and frames.
An ecological and important choice; D’Angeli a long time, now works by buying only wood panels that comes from European and North America forests where the cut of each wood species is controlled by environmentalists who plan to cut every tree planting five trees, these are intensive cultivation forests and actually subjected to effective control.
Each panel or timber travels with certificates issued by the FSC is a certification system to guarantee consumers that the product is made with timber from managed forests in terms of environmental, social and economic.

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